The Data Experts of Tomorrow

We guide you on your personal journey to become a data professional.

For Free.

About our Mission

You don't have to be a computer scientist to become a data professional!

Our students are as diverse as their source of motivation.

We guide geography students thinking about their career after graduation as well as medical students who want to learn python for their PhD research.

  • Free one-to-one mentoring through video calls.
  • Personalized to your journey.
  • Optional: Reading material and homework to test and track your progress.

Unsure? In our first session we will take a look at your personal background, motivation, and skill level.

Once we understand who you are and where you're coming from, we can define your path together.


Pationate Mentors

Personal Sessions

Why Choose HOSD Mentoring?

We have been where you are! While our mentors are experienced data professionals, they are still on their own journey of life-long learning. Everybody is. Our collective experience and knowledge will help you progress faster!

Where am I?

Don't build the roof before the basement. Our expert mentors will regularly assess your current skill level. This allows us to better support your learning progress.

Where should I start?

Unlimited resources – YouTube, Coursera, books. The world is full of free or cheap learning material. But where to start? What do you need for your path? Let's decide together.

You're not alone.

Our mentors have a large network of industry practitioners and companies. We are happy to share.

So what's the catch?

Why are we doing this for free?

We are convinced that the world needs more data-literate people.

Data is everywhere and we are constantly confronted with it in our everyday life. Dealing with and interpreting data is a crucial skill which is unfortunately not taught properly in schools yet.

The supply of data professionals does not meet the ever-increasing demand.

There are currently hundreds of unfilled data jobs available in Germany. Thus, a data career can be achieved by self-trained data students even from unrelated fields. There is a need in the market. And we are here to help meeting it.

Shared passion for data.

We all have mentors ourselves that guide us on our own journey. We are passionate about data and are happy to pay forward. As a growing community we are open and glad to integrate new members.

Still not convinced? Read about our mission HERE.

Jonas Schröder

HOSD Founder and Data Scientist

Data Scientist at the largest beauty company in the world. Mostly self-trained in Python and Machine Learning. Experienced with talking to students and teaching. Originally with a humanities and business background.

Aakash Ashok

Data Science Mentor

Working as Data Science Consultant at one of the big fours. Passionate about using data and technologies to solve business problems. You can approach me for having discussion on data analytics & machine learning.

Tools : Python , Power BI and Google Data Studio.

Pranay Modukuru

Mentor and ML Researcher

Electrical and Electronics Engineering graduate with a Masters in Systems Engineering. Works as a Machine Learning Researcher, enjoys teaching machines to do serious stuff that makes manufacturing efficient and human lives easy! You can reach him for guidance in data analysis, machine learning, deep learning and any other topics related to data science. He says "There's a lot to learn! let's do it together :)"